Friday, January 16, 2015

Fresh Start! 2015 Reading Goals

       Last year, I was able to read exactly 101 books ^^ . Hurray!!!

       This year, I am planning to read 28 books. Why 28? it's because I am planning to read big books

in 2015. I started reading the Outlander series written by Diana Gabaldon and I am absolutely and

wholeheartedly OBSESSED. So, I am continuing with Book numero 5 soon.

       I want to read at least 12 classics.

       Read the rest of Jane Austen's books. I have already read Pride & Prejudice and Northanger


       Finish all of the books in my current reads. I have 14. Yup! Book polygamy issue.

       Marathon complete YA series.

       2015 will be reading less but more and harder.