Tuesday, March 5, 2013

On Books and Reading Challenges

    Books so many books! I was cleaning my stacks of books last week and I was flabbergasted by the exact amount of unread physical books that I owned. Wow~ before my booktube watching days, I usually had less than twenty on my to-be-read pile.

     I am not complaining that my room is full of books BUT to have hundreds (more than 200) of them unread--that's a different story. And about 95% of that pile were purchased just last year. And oh no! you don't want to know how many e-books I have (nook reader & kindle app).

    So, I limit myself to only buy 26 physicals books (that's the magic number ;) ) this year. So far, I've already bought 14. And yup! I have book buying issues but I'm trying to monitor that this year. I know it's still March but I still remain hopeful that, that number would not overflow (unless I really deserve it). I'd like to fully utilize my local library when it comes to newly released books.

    My reading challenge is set to 100 books on goodreads. I'm doing fine on the goal as far as I can tell. Besides, I would like to knock that mountain of unread pile by half (or a quarter!?) this year. Too ambitious on my part, unfortunately. Since I've already written that aspiration on paper, I'm definitely challenged. Good luck to me!!!

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